Modern HTML5 interactive floor plans for home builders

Key benefits
Open web standards
Built on top of SVG and HTML5, the FlexiPlan viewer does not rely on any single vendor proprietary technology, such as Adobe® Flash®.
Works on tablet devices
The FlexiPlan viewer enables the ever-growing tablet device audience to enjoy the same great features found in the desktop version.
Optimized for touch
FlexiPlan has native support for touch gestures on high-end devices, such as the Apple IPad®. Pinch-to-zoom? Check. Single finger pan? Check.
Zoom, pan and flip
The FlexiPlan viewer supports smooth floor plan zooming, panning and flipping. Thanks to a true vector-based implementation, your customers can zoom-in infinitely to see even the smallest detail.
Leverage your existing floor plan assets
FlexiPlan makes it possible to decrease the TCO by converting your existing assets to the modern SVG format. The viewer supports SVG data exported directly from Adobe Illustrator® with minimal changes. Conversions from CAD software formats are also possible.
Built-in personalization
Perspective buyers can easily save their customizations using a built-in user account system. Any number of customized floor plans can be saved and any plan can be loaded for further modification at any time. Low-friction user account registration is built-in and so is "Login with Facebook®" functionality.
Advanced floor plan options support
Perspective customers can turn various combinations of options on and off with immediate changes reflected on the floor plan, with option incompatibility rules automatically ensuring that only valid combinations can be formed.
Dynamic option pricing
If desired, provides customers more accurate pricing expectations by adjusting the plan price as options are selected.
Space planner view
The space planner view provides the ability to add furniture, mechancial and other pre-defined shapes to the floor plan.
Home feature hotspots
Take advantage of clickable hotspots directly on the floor plans to showcase photos, virtual tours, videos, and other floor plan details - right from inside your floor plans.
Integrated PDF printing
FlexiPlan was designed from the ground-up to provide high-quality PDF renderings of the floor plan, including all options and customizations made by the user.
Simplest integration on the Planet
The FlexiPlan viewer can display additional builder-specific content, such as exterior and interior views, by automatically and transparently acquiring the data directly from the home builder website - with no coding required in most cases. This builder-specific content can also be included into the generated PDF print-outs.
Usage scenarios
Public websites
In a typical deployment, the floor plan viewer is embedded into the builder's consumer website at the community plan or inventory home detail level. The viewer can be transparently integrated into the existing web page or invoked in a separate browser window.
Customer portals
Spice up your customer portal by integrating the floor plan viewer and its built-in personalization functionality allowing customers to save their favorite floor plan layouts and customizations.
Mobile applications
Building a mobile application for the IPad? You can enhnace the user experience by integrating the floorplan viewer directly into your application without the need to launch a standalone web browser.
Real estate agent-oriented websites
The floor plan viewer can become an integral part of how you do business with Realtors®. A specialized version of the viewer may be targeted at Realtors, allowing them to co-brand and personalize your floor plans for their clients.
Electronic sales office & interactive kiosk
Leverage the touch-optimized floor plan viewer in your sales offices by integrating it with your electronic sales office experience, or by using it separately on a touch-sensitive screen.
Sales & builder staff tools
Your sales associates and builders can quickly share customer selections and preferences by integrating the floor plan viewer in your existing business process. The viewer features built-in email functionality to share floorplans and it can be integrated with your existing CRM and ERP solutions.
Technical options
Hosting options
FlexiPlan is available either as a fully-managed, cloud-based hosted solution with zero administration or as an in-house implementation with a custom configuration and deployment plan. The hosted option is powered by Amazon Web Services.
Adaptable back-end
The back-end data storage and floor plan management engine can be adapted to the builder's existing content management solution. Alternatively, a generic out-of-the-box floor plan manager can be used in small-scale deployments.
Floor plan conversion
Complete floor plan conversion services are available on-demand. These may include conversion of existing assets from architect and design agencies, vectorization of existing static floorplans and other services as required.
Flexible branding
The floor plan viewer can be easily branded with your logo, color scheme, custom font types and other company-specific elements. PDF print-outs can be customized with optional pages containing builder-specific content, such as community information and local amenities.
Custom functionality - the easy way
One size does not fit all, and thus the floor plan viewer can be customized with additional functionality. Our purpose-built mash-up framework supports building both user interface components and business logic to implement completely new features for both on-screen floor plan display and PDF print-out generation.
Open user account framework
The floor plan viewer can be extended to authenticate user accounts against an existing system, such as the builder's existing CRM solution. User account details, including the floor plan personalizations, can also be persisted externally.
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